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4 Ways to Market Your Brand During and After the COVID Pandemic

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic affected every part of the world, and sadly, it is here to stay for a while. While there are small portions of businesses that remain unaffected or are even thriving, the majority has had to stop productions and operations lay off employees, and several industry giants such as Victoria Secret even had to declare bankruptcy.

4 Ways to Market Your Brand During and After the COVID Pandemic
4 Ways to Market Your Brand During and After the COVID Pandemic

It is time for every business to reevaluate their business – mainly their marketing strategy and restructure them based on consumer needs to maintain healthy cash flow and stay afloat.

To help your business adapt to this unprecedented and unfortunate pandemic, we have compiled a list of actionable tips that you can implement – applicable for most industries.

#1 Create Useful Content

Due to high unemployment rates, we find that there is an increasing number of people that are keen to pick up new skills or learn new things. They are most likely not looking to make an immediate purchase, but if your business can offer free courses, tools, or even information to them, you have the potential to nurture them to become paying customers in the future.

This is also a golden opportunity for you to increase your website traffic. Be sure to provide information or courses that are relevant to your sector.

For example, if you are a B2B business and offer services such as website building or even accounting, you can start by creating tutorials on YouTube or create a webinar explaining the best tips and tricks to move business operations online.

#2 Focus on customer needs & give back

You can tailor the content on your website to address the concerns of your customers. This will not only help you connect with your target audience but encourage a sense of brand loyalty too.

If you are an e-commerce store, you can decrease initial customer acquisition cost by offering a first- time discount and by creating a loyalty program that allows customers to share discounts and deals to their friends.

If you can afford to give back, this is a great opportunity for your company to improve your corporate responsibility strategy - donate to a charity that focuses on helping the unfortunate during the pandemic.

If you own a restaurant, you can provide free meals for workers and healthcare heroes that are helping us battle this pandemic, if you own a clothing manufacturing factory, consider producing free masks or face cover for those who can’t afford to purchase one, especially now that Victoria has ruled them as mandatory and will fine people who are out without face cover a $200 fine.

This highlights your ethical values as a brand and we’re sure that your customers and community will appreciate you for it!

#3 Focus on growing your social media

Due to current stage 4 restrictions in Victoria, most of us are forced to shut down for the next few weeks and are no longer able to leave our home to operate our brick and mortar stores. So, why not improvise and take the virtual route.

Market your products and services online on your social media platforms and find new innovative ways to serve your customers through social media.

Gyms have started hosting fitness classes online, and chefs too have turned to digital platforms to share their passion.

We even noticed that some bars in Melbourne have started selling easy DIY cocktail mix on their social media and delivering it straight to your door. Talk about adapting and improvising!

You can provide value and connect with your customers and clients virtually from the comfort of your home, don’t be afraid to be creative!

#4 Advertising your business after the pandemic

On top of the points that we have discussed above, we realize that one of the main challenges for brands after an international pandemic such as COVID-19 is advertising.

For some that are not accustomed to digital advertising and heavily rely on channels such as billboards, in-store advertising, or through trade shows and events, you will need to revamp your strategy to get in front of your target market.

So, what can you do? Customers will most likely remain home for safety precautions even after the stage 4 restrictions are eased, so be prepared to offer your products online paired with a strategic and effective digital marketing plan.

We recommend creating a social media marketing strategy such as Facebook advertising to reach new customers while they are surfing through their Facebook and Instagram feed and maintaining an active social media presence to nurture your relationship with existing customers.

Be sure to take note of the current economic struggles that your customers might be having, and that no one likes to be sold to all the time! Remember to always offer value and be kind to your customers and the sales will follow.

If you are currently struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remember that this won’t last forever and to keep a positive mind. With new antiviral medications and government efforts to eliminate the virus spread, here’s to hope that things will be looking up soon.

Stay focused on adapting and evolving your business strategy to stay afloat and if you need help creating a digital marketing strategy that works for your business, we, the Pencil Rocket team are here for you.

4 Ways to Market Your Brand During and After the COVID Pandemic
4 Ways to Market Your Brand During and After the COVID Pandemic

Contact us to discuss an actionable social media strategy for your business and learn the different social media marketing services we provide that can help elevate your business.

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