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Instagram Marketing 

A specialised Instagram Marketing Agency in Melbourne

- let us help you grow your Instagram. 

From Instagram management, content creation, hashtag research, Instagram growth service to Instagram paid advertising, you name it, we can do it! 

As an Instagram marketing agency, Pencil Rocket has helped assist the growth of businesses from various industries in terms of followers, engagement, and eventually, generating revenues. 

Pencil Rocket creates a personalized Instagram marketing strategy for your business that includes ensuring you have a beautiful on-brand feed, reaching your audience in their prime Instagram usage time using advanced heatmaps analytics, as well as utilizing stories and highlights to maximize Instagram page branding for your business. 

Pairing both organic Instagram marketing strategy and Instagram paid advertising strategy, Pencil Rocket has generated great results for our clients, including the growth of 0 to 3000 targeted followers in a month, generating leads through Instagram, and even helped our clients turn Instagram followers into loyal customers.


For instance, our Instagram marketing strategy has helped one of our construction clients obtain multiple million-dollar projects through Instagram only. 

Unlike many Instagram marketing agencies, Pencil Rocket is confident that the result we generate will speak for themselves. This is why our Instagram marketing agency guarantees growth, through our Instagram marketing strategy or we work for free! 

Get started with Pencil Rocket to get ahead of your Instagram marketing today. 

Why choose Pencil Rocket to manage your Instagram marketing strategy

This is why you can trust us as your Instagram Marketing Agency

1. We create a results-focussed Instagram Marketing plan for you

Instagram marketing isn't all about aesthetic snaps of your brunch and beautiful filters.

To be able to build a strong brand and generate leads, you need to first start providing value for your customers. Then you need to make the most out of Instagram paid ads, ideally led by an Instagram marketing agency, like Pencil Rocket.

It’s nice to be liked, but nothing compares to the feeling of watching your business grow.

We make that happen with a personalised Instagram marketing strategy and proven ways, making sure your brand is heard and you are seeing results. 

3. An All-Rounder Social Media Marketing Agency 


We don't just create a strategy and schedule posts for you. When you sign with our Instagram marketing agency, rest assured we will execute everything for you, leaving time for you fully focus on the growth and operations of your business.


We write engaging Instagram copy, monitor your Instagram accounts, create on-brand content, and create reports for you based on the analytics and results monthly to help you learn the content and messaging that resonates best with your audience. 

If you own a small to medium business, we offer Instagram management for your channels that are most relevant to your customers. For B2B business owners, we have developed Instagram marketing services that are educational and will help you position your content right in front of the decision-makers of your targeted companies. 


2. Thorough Industry Market Research before creating your Instagram marketing strategy

When it comes to creating strategies for Instagram marketing, we believe that every business is different and therefore should use different approaches.


This is why our Instagram marketing agency Melbourne makes it a priority for our expert team of accounts manager and creative designers to conduct thorough market research of your industry upon signing with us using online tools, observation, and competitors analysis. 

Afterward, we will get started on crafting a bespoke and personalised strategy to build and strengthen your brand on Instagram. 

4. Australian Based Social Marketing Agency with In-house Accounts & Content Creation Team 

What does this mean for you? It means that we do not outsource our talents which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our work.


Our team based in Melbourne and Adelaide is always available to address any enquires or concerns you have at any time of the day.


This lets us establish a clear connection and a thorough understanding of the Instagram marketing goals of your company. 



5. Advanced in crafting Instagram paid advertising strategy that complements your organic strategy

Just like other social platforms, you will get the results you want when you pay to play. 

Being a specialised Instagram marketing agency, Pencil Rocket is able to pair your organic Instagram marketing strategy with an equally great Instagram paid advertising strategy.

When you get started with Pencil Rocket, we first have a chat to understand your current positioning and where you would like to be. 

Utilising both feed and story placement Instagram sponsored ads, and high-quality captivating content, our specialised team of Instagram marketing experts is guaranteed to generate results well below ROI that is sure to boost your brand while maintaining the most efficient costs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does an Instagram marketing agency do? 

We don't know about other social media marketing agencies, but here at Pencil Rocket, we try to do just about everything for you to ensure that you can focus on the growth of your business!


We help you with copywriting, post scheduling, and on-brand content creation for social media purposes.


We are also able to create Instagram paid advertising campaigns that complement your Instagram marketing goals. 

2. Is Instagram marketing effective? 

As an Instagram marketing agency, of course, we would say that it is extremely effective.


But seeing as one of our clients, a luxury builder company acquired 2 million dollars worth of clients from Instagram, wouldn't you say it's pretty effective yourself? 


Nowadays, the first thing that a customer would do upon hearing about your business is to look it up on social media. They can't help but form their initial perception of your business based on your Instagram feed, branding, and personality, and that is the truth. Be rest assured that your audience will get a dazzling first impression of your business when you sign with our Instagram marketing agency. 

3. How much does an Instagram marketing agency charge? 

Every Instagram marketing agency has its own pricing plans depending on the value that they can offer their clients. Lucky for you, ours accommodate all types of budget! Our Instagram marketing agency Melbourne also guarantees growth or we work for free, so there is really no way to lose when you sign with us! 

To discover our pricing plans, reach out to us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

4. How does Instagram Ads work? 

Instagram uses 

We don't guarantee Surely we wouldn't be able to create the 'growth or we work for free' policy if we can't deliver! So yes, we do guarantee that upon signing with our Instagram marketing agency you will see a rise in the overall growth in your Instagram account. 

However, we do not guarantee results such as paying customers although we have been able to generate many for our clients so far as we are not responsible for closing clients for you, we simply help generate a striking Instagram account that will stop them in their tracks! 

Because Instagram is so highly integrated with Facebook, it works in a very similar way. In a brief description, you select your ad format and your targeted audience and create a lead form. When building a campaign, choose your objective and then customize your ad to fit your budget, audience, and goals.

Instagram uses the same advertising tools like Facebook, so you can be sure they’re powerful. This means you can create your ideal audience based on location, age, connections, and more.

5. How does Pencil Rocket find content that my audience can relate to on Instagram? 

On top of doing market research on your industry upon signing with us, our Instagram marketing agency uses tools and software to spot trends and content your audience engages with and our expert team will brainstorm on-brand related content ideas that attract your audience and will generate engagements.  

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