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Facebook Advertising

We are a Facebook marketing agency that generates results. 

Reaching and engaging with your target audience,  driving traffic to your website, generating leads on Facebook - as a Facebook marketing agency, you name it, we can do it. 

As a Facebook marketing agency, Pencil Rocket has successfully executed profitable Facebook advertising campaigns for clients coming from various industries, be it real estate, construction, or a wedding photography company. 

Different from other Facebook marketing agencies, we don't just create Facebook Ads for your business. Our in-house graphic designers also create bespoke on-brand ad creatives for your ad campaigns, ensuring the best possible results for you!

Pencil Rocket utilizes a full-funnel personalized Facebook advertising strategy for each of our clients to ensure the growth of your business. We believe that Facebook advertising work for almost every type of business, given the right strategy.


Ads by Pencil Rocket's Facebook marketing agency never disappear into your news feed, they stand out, show off your brand and drive traffic to your site. 

Get started with Pencil Rocket to take charge of your Facebook marketing today. 

Why start Facebook marketing with Pencil Rocket? 

This is why you can trust us as your Facebook marketing agency.

1. Advanced competitors research on Facebook based on your industry 


The best part about Facebook Marketing is the fact that it the world most used social network. With over  14, 630, 000 Australians active on Facebook, you have endless potential to reach your audience. 

Our Facebook marketing agency in Melbourne uses advanced techniques and tools to implement extensive competitor research, making sure that we are serving your ads to audiences who are most likely to engage and convert into your valuable customer. 

Facebook Marketing Agency
Facebook Marketing Agency

2. A Facebook marketing agency that knows the platform inside out 

Facebook Ads is a fickle-minded beast. But that's alright.

By choosing to work with Pencil Rocket, you are supported by a team of experienced advertisers who genuinely want to help your business succeed with Facebook advertising. 


Our expert team utilise features in Facebook targeting such as lookalike, interest, and behavior to reach a highly targeted audience pool in your Facebook ads. We understand Facebook algorithmn, make sure we are updated with Facebook latest changes and we are with you every step of the way in your Facebook marketing journey. 

3. A/B testing to ensure you are getting the bang for your buck in Facebook advertising


We don't just use one audience or one ad creative. By testing different variations, our Facebook marketing agency makes sure that we are testing and getting the best results. 


Using pixels to track conversion, sales, and traffic helps our Facebook marketing agency determine the best performing creative, ad types, and messaging that resonates best with your audience. 

Facebook Marketing Agency
Facebook Marketing Agency

4. A full-funnel approach that guarantees growth in your Facebook marketing campaigns


Our Facebook marketing agency crafts social media-driven funnel strategies that guarantee the growth of your business.


The initial engagement is always about hooking your audience in with an interesting blogpost or brand awareness video. Once they leave Facebook to your site or start watching your video, Voilà we've got the first step out of the way.


Then retargeting, retargeting, retargeting. The next time these prospects enter Facebook, we target them with an ad with a much-targeted call-to-action or a lead magnet to get interested to capture contact details. 

We get the marketing qualified leads you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much does Facebook Advertising cost? 

Lucky for you, the budget for Facebook Advertising campaigns is 100% customizable and depends on the objective your business is trying to achieve. Although as a Facebook Marketing agency, we would recommend a minimum budget of $800 - $1,500 ad spend per month excluding our management fee. 

2. How much is your management fee? 


Our Facebook Marketing agency has different types of packages that are suitable for a range of budgets.


Our management fee starts from a minimum of $1,000. Don't worry though, all agreements on management fees are upfront and we never try to sneak in hidden cost! 

3. Are there any contracts? 

NO! We are confident in our ability to generate results for your business using Facebook Advertising, and want you to continue working with us because you're satisfied, not because you're forced to! 

4. Do you guarantee results? 

We are confident in our capabilities in creating awesome Facebook Ad campaigns and generating leads for your business but it is up to you to close them, so no! 

5. Is Facebook advertising really helpful? 

Yes, Facebook advertising is helpful. But then, of course, we’d tell you that – we’re a Facebook marketing agency. Don’t listen to our biased advice, and look at the client results we've gotten. 

One of our clients got a $5000 client from a $350 ad spend, so you be the judge! Every business is different, but considering the fact that our Facebook ad agency has clients from various types of industries, we believe that almost all businesses will be able to benefit from running Facebook Advertising! 

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