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Social Media Videos

Pencil Rocket is a social media video production company based in Melbourne specialised in creating videos people will connect with. 

Did you know that studies show that videos will soon make up to 80% of online content? 

And with good reason. Videos allow businesses to deliver longer-form messages to the audience, are highly engaging which result in more attention captured, and help the audience to build trust towards the brand.

Pencil Rocket is a social media video production company in Melbourne with numerous experience in helping brands with the process of on-brand social media video production.


We have experience in creating all types of social media video content, be it creative videos, social media series videos, or videos for paid advertising. We ensure that the social media videos we produce are high- quality, impactful, and is something your audience will relate to. 

We know how to create a social media video that is compelling, and how to make the social media video production process as simple and cost-effective. 

Get started with Pencil Rocket to get ahead of your social media video production needs today.  

Why choose Pencil Rocket as your to produce your social media videos

Why you should trust Pencil Rocket as your social media video production company of choice 

1. Highly experienced and skilled team. 


Our video production team are highly skilled visionaries. We can bring any of your idea you have in mind to life, or better yet, visualize ideas that aren't even in your head yet and turn it into a video that you will be proud to showcase on your social media. 


We pride ourselves on being experts in social media video production. Good social media video production stems from having an understanding of the audience of whom the content is created for, as well as and the science behind creating a compelling and engaging video that demands attention.

It is also a priority to us that our clients have an easy, enjoyable, and comfortable video production process. 


2. We conduct thorough Market Research of your industry upon signing with us

We believe that every business is different and therefore should use different approaches.


This is why our social media video production company makes it a priority for our expert production team to conduct market research of your industry upon signing with us using online tools, observation, and competitors analysis. 

Afterward, we will get started on the process of crafting bespoke and personalized social media videos that will help you reach your objective. 

3. An All-Rounder Social Media Marketing Agency 


We don't just create social media videos for you. Aside from having a fully skilled production team, we have an inhouse marketing team that can execute everything for you - be it managing your social media or building effective paid advertising campaigns for you, leaving time for you fully focus on the growth and operations of your business.


Building a strong brand identity takes more than just one-off great social media video, although it sure does help!


To achieve greater results for your business you need to think of a more long-term strategy beyond merely using content creation to build and harness relationships with your customers.  




4. Australian Based social media video production company with In-house Team 

What does this mean for you? It means that we do not outsource our talents which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our work. 


Our editor, videographer, and creative director handles all of our social media video production personally to ensure that the highest quality and customer satisfaction is delivered. 

Unlike many social media video production companies that outsource talents to cut internal costs, we believe that quality is the utmost importance when creating a compelling social media videos and would never compromise this. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your video production process? 

Our social media video production company go through these 3 processes to ensure our client satisfaction. 


1. Pre-production - understanding the business, project, and objective of the video. Brainstorming, creative consultation with clients, and establishing the final creative brief before setting the shoot date (if necessary, if you would like an all animated social media video we can do it too!)

2. Production - where the shoot takes place! We will utilize all of our equipment and make use of the time to get all the raw footage that we need. This includes any interviews, drone shooting, and location shots. 

3. Post-production - where the vision starts coming to life! Filtering through the footage, adding music, getting clients feedback, and where revision rounds will be made before the final video is ready! 


2. How much is a social media video going to cost me? 

Our social media video production company does a lot of different types of videos, therefore it is difficult to pinpoint a price range!


However, we can assure you that our videos are budget-friendly and we will always try to accommodate your budget. 


To discover our pricing plans, reach out to us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

3. Do I have to come up with an idea for the social media video or will your production team create one for me? 

We can work with both! Whether you have an idea that needs to be developed further or if you have no idea what you want our video production team is happy to take on both!


We enjoy coming up with social media videos ideas as creating a creative direction that brings your idea to life is our specialty. 

4. How does Pencil Rocket create social media videos that my audience can relate to? 

On top of doing market research on your industry upon signing with us, our production team uses tools and software to spot social media video trends your audience is attracted to your industry. Afterward, our expert creative team will brainstorm and put our own creative flair to create compelling on-brand social media videos for you. 

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