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We believe in changing the game with social media and videos.

In 2017, two young creative lads went around Melbourne documenting the untold stories of entrepreneurs. 

That was how it all began. 

Fast forward to now. We’ve pivoted from a video production company to a social media agency.

Yet our why has never changed - we want to tell your story and make sure your business is heard loud and clear among your audience. 

In the past 3 years, we’ve worked with Australian clients across the construction, real estate, education, travel, restaurants, and more. 

We treat every single client’s business as our own business - if they succeed, we succeed, if they fail, we fail too. 


It has been an incredible journey to be able to grow alongside the companies we work with.

And we’re looking forward to more to come.



We are a bunch of passionate creatives.

We are videographers, editors, producers, strategists, designers, social media experts, and media salespeople. We are the creators and distributors of quality creative content.

Daniel Tan

Co-founder and Managing Director

Daniel is passionate about meeting new people and learning their story, firmly believing in a life of constant learning. In his spare time, you will find him playing a game of squash at Melbourne University or listening to a podcast.

Natanael | Co-Founder of Pencil Rocket | Social media agency Melbourne
Natanael Yan Setiawan

Co-founder and Creative Director

Natanael started Pencil Rocket at the age of 21. He believes that we need to earn people's attention in social media through creative content and inspiring people. He is passionate about photography and during his spare time he likes to drink coffee, watch videos and listen to lo-fi songs.

Clara Tandi

Graphic Design Lead

Clara overlooks the visuals of  all the things aside videos we put out there for clients; like short gifs and posts. She stays inspired by taking time off to travel or exploring the food scene in Melbourne. You can always find her with a cup of coffee in her hand, mulling over her next project.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 4.14.13 pm.png
Matthew Lee


Matt is a Videographer at Pencil Rocket. For him, food is life. Amongst other things, he LOVES making travel videos, so people can experience parts of the world that they have never been before. Sharing the journey through a lens and a camera one trip at a time.

Belinda Zheng

Graphic Design

Belinda highly values simplicity and details in designing for branding, publication and motion graphic. She is always curious to learn new stuffs. She loves travelling and you will find her wandering around the city with her favourite lens.

Lunnie Gan

Marketing Manager

Lunnie loves brainstorming strategies, being creative and just helping people connect the dots in their businesses. Outside of work, she will either be chilling with a book in one hand, a beer/wine in the other; or busy finding the next spot to hike and cliff to jump.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-04 at
Helena Ignacia

Accounts Manager

Helena is an Accounts Manager at Pencil Rocket. She overlooks ad campaigns and works with the Marketing Manager to develop personalized digital strategies for clients. Outside of work, you'll find her obsessing over finding the perfect skincare regime.  

Kezia Angelica


Kezia is a Videographer Intern at Pencil Rocket. Despite being an accounting and finance graduate, she loves the world of filmmaking. Outside of work, you will find her doing all kind of sports.



Some of our recognised milestones.

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