is a video production subscription model for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches, and Instructors

to help them engage with their audience,

get their message across, and grow their business or personal brand.


PR Content+

We have created this service to help businesses get their content out in a timely and effective manner, taking the hassle out of video production and editing. All you need to do is prepare your monthly content, schedule in a professional shoot and we will produce high quality video content for you at an affordable price.

How does it work:

Step 1 : Sign up to Social, Standard or Send-in
Step 2 : Use a token to book a shoot

Step 3 : Shoot on-site or in our studio
Step 4 : Review videos a week later

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*Each month you get a token that entitles you to a shoot. Each token has a 3 month expiry date.

Content+ Social

As a professional/business, you

are an expert in your field. Prove it!
With Content+ Social package, we

help you produce 4 x direct-to-camera

videos for your social media every

single month through our token system.

Professional and efficient videos

without the hassle.

Content+ Social Package Example

Content+ Standard

You are no longer subjected to

geographical and demographical

limitations. Direct-to-camera videos

help you engage with existing customers,

bring in prospective ones, and increase

business awareness. With Content+

Standard package, we produce 2 x

direct-to-camera videos per month

through our token system. Everything

you need to have your say in the industry.

Content+ Standard Package Example