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Facebook Messenger Marketing

We are a Facebook messenger marketing agency that helps you convert more. 

Facebook Messenger marketing is the new email marketing.


The difference is, messenger marketing actually gets more opens than email, up to 80-90% open rate, and is substantially more interactive and personalized.


And the best part? It takes significantly less maintenance and effort than email marketing, with the use of chatbots. 


A chatbot is an automated response program designed to engage, support, and convert your customers, 24/7. While many may think that chatbots are typically ingenuine and impersonal, this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Chatbots can be highly personalized and have proven to skyrocket leads.


Imagine yourself in your customer's shoes.

How much more likely would you make a purchase if you can find the answers to your questions with just a click instead of having to write or call a customer service agent and wait for ages for a reply? This can be done through the power of Facebook messenger marketing.

Pencil Rocket is a Facebook Messenger marketing agency that strategizes and builds a full customer journey on Facebook messenger to help reach your business objective.


Be it collecting leads for your sales agent, encouraging bookings, or simply just taking the task of answering repetitive questions off your hands, we leverage Messenger chatbots to let you focus on the growth of your business. 

Get started today with Pencil Rocket to take charge of your Facebook messenger marketing, so you can focus your energy on more significant human tasks. 





Why start Facebook Messenger marketing with Pencil Rocket? 

This is why you can trust us as your Facebook Messenger marketing agency.

1. Advanced competitors research on Facebook based on your industry 


The best part about Facebook Messenger marketing is the fact that it the world most used social network. With over  14, 630, 000 Australians active on Facebook, you have endless potential to reach your audience. 

Our Facebook Messenger marketing agency in Melbourne uses advanced techniques and tools to implement extensive competitor research, making sure that we are serving personalised and relatable content to your chatbot audience that is engaging and helpful. 

2. An all- rounder Facebook Messenger marketing agency that knows the platform inside out 

We don't just build chatbots for you and call it a day, we are able to build targeted ads as touchpoints and attract new potential customers to start their chatbot journey with you. 

By choosing to work with Pencil Rocket, you are supported by a team of experienced advertisers who genuinely want to help your business succeed with Facebook Messenger marketing and Facebook advertising. 


Our expert team utilise features in Facebook targeting such as lookalike, interest, and behavior to reach a highly targeted audience pool in your Facebook ads. We understand Facebook algorithmn, make sure we are updated with Facebook latest changes and we are with you every step of the way in your Facebook marketing journey. 

3. Ability to strategize, design, and built different type of chatbots

With an experienced team of chatbot flow designers, our Facebook Messenger marketing agency is able to create different types of chatbots based on different marketing objectives - be it to generate leads, creating sales or showcasing your company's work. 

4. Provide monthly bot support 

We won't leave you high and dry! We know that although it requires few maintenances, it would be extremely helpful for us to keep tabs and provide necessary professional consultation in regards to the progression of your Facebook Messenger marketing. 

We are also able to update your bot design as needed overtime based on analysis of customer feedbacks and reactions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much will a chatbot cost me? 

The budget for Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot builds depends on the objective your business is trying to achieve. Although, our messenger marketing agency typically charges a one-off built fee of $1,500 - $3,000 depending on the complexity of the project and the number of conversation flows to be built. 

For a more specific pricing plan, reach us to us here and we will get back to you shortly! 

2. How much is your monthly support fee? 


Our messenger marketing agency charges $500 for our monthly management fee.


This includes everything from chatbot software subscription price, on-demand chatbot support, and troubleshooting, chatbot optimization, programing new Q&A responses as well as a monthly report. 


Don't worry though, our management fees do not have lock-in contracts, and we never try to sneak in hidden cost! 

3. How will having a chatbot for Facebook Messenger Marketing benefit my business? 

There are too many that we can mention without writing a separate article about it!


But what our messenger marketing agency loves most about Facebook Messenger Marketing is 

(A) 24/7 customer support that will ensure your client's happiness 

(B)Saving hours of time from answering monotonous and repetitive questions from clients 

(C) Saving hours of time from filtering and nurturing potential leads before transferring over to the sales team

4. Can I customize what I want to be featured in the chatbots? 

Absolutely! Our messenger marketing agency is in charge of creating strategies and designing an enjoyable messaging flow around the information or message that you think would be helpful to your customers. 


5. How long is the chatbot process build? 

It depends on the length and the objective of your chatbot, but our Facebook Messenger marketing agency generally has a fast turnaround time, ranging from 3-6 weeks.

To get started with your Facebook Messenger marketing needs, click here and we will reach out to you shortly. 

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