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Social Media 101 for Designers, Builders & Contractors

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Social media has become a foundation in the way companies connect and engage with current and potential clients. In fact, a 2018 research shows that 97% of businesses are using social media to reach their audience.

We know, generating social media ideas for businesses in the construction, architecture or design industry can be a challenge. But don’t just ignore social media marketing because it’s a pain to brainstorm content ideas or because it involves an investment of time and effort to maintain.

That's why to make it easy for your business, we have compiled this detailed Social Media 101 Guide for Designers, Builders & Contractors for you, helping you brainstorm actionable content ideas for your company's social media channels.

1. Show off your work

Think about it. As a construction or design firm, what are your audience most likely interested about?

Well, your work! But don't just show touched up shots of a completed project - show your audience the steps it takes to get there.

From brick work, framing, site progress to interior installations, progress is always fun to watch, keeps your followers engaged in your company and does a great job of showcasing on-going projects. Also, your client would love to show off their new home and project progress to their friends or even share the posts on their own social networks!

Check out how Pascon Group, a Melbourne based construction company specialising in luxury homes, utilised their site progress shots to create authenticity and build relationships with their current and potential clients on social media.

2. Shoot 'How-to' videos for Youtube & IGTV

Do you think that sharing 'how-to' videos may seem like a bad idea because it gives away tips for the services you actually charge for?

However, this is the exact way to build trust between your company and your audience.

By educating your audience on how to tackle certain projects or approach specific construction related problems, you position yourself as the industry expert. Guess who your audience will think of the next time they face a similar situation? You.

Pascon Group killed it by creating this value-adding video - '5 Things You Must Consider When Tendering Your Project' for their audience.

Creating videos like these will actually make you more relatable to the audience Do remember to cross-post your videos to IGTV, your blog and other social media platforms, like Youtube to increase our audience.

3. Showcase 'Team Spotlight'

People react best to advertising that features other people. There’s something about human nature that responds really well to faces.

By regularly featuring your team on your social media, you're not only adding a personal touch to your business, but you're also providing a behind-the-scenes look at your company. And people crave the inside scoop! Also, by making sure your team has a chance to stand in the spotlight, it's more likely that your content will be shared by them and reach a bigger audience. A win-win scenario for sure!

Have a look at how Pascon Group puts a face to the name by featuring the team and their expertise on social media platforms.

4. Share company updates & news

There're always things happening in your construction or design company. And heaps of them can be turned into social media content to get your audience excited about.

It can be a new staff joining the team, new service announcements, you may have just won a contract, completed a huge job, hit a milestone, or just purchased a big-ticket item, like a truck for the company, you may be attending a conference or just sponsoring an event and charity. All of these are reasons to celebrate and share on social media with your audience.

And you'll be surprised at the rapport you can build with your audience by doing this!

When Pascon Group reached 10k followers on Instagram, they started a $10kfor10k campaign to celebrate this milestone, aiming to raise $10k for the Children Cancer Foundation. The director, George Passas, also gave a personal shout out on their Instagram Story to every donator.

Starting from a video from the director that explains the 'why' of this campaign to continuous Instagram shoutouts whenever donations were made, this $10kfor10k campaign created a buzz and garnered huge amount of support from their audience.

5. Celebrate Holidays on Social Media

Creating content for the holidays can be easy – you can just write copy to the effect of Happy [whatever holiday it is] from [your company], and create a festive image to match with your logo watermarked on it.

Besides holidays, it can be a smart move to also chime in current events and entertainment. Use Meltwater’s Sidekick to know about National [fill in the blank] Day before it happens! Just take a few moments to put these holidays on your social media calendar.

Look at how Pascon Group wishes all their audience happy holidays over the last Christmas and New Year period.

6. Give Shoutout to your Subs

Show your subcontractors, manufacturers or vendors that you care about them too! Every time you share about a project that involves your subbies, tag them in it your post or mention them in your Instagram Stories.

Your subbies will appreciate a good social media shoutout - it makes them feel acknowledged and generally shoutouts equal more exposure. Also, on your end it shows the subbies you are working with, which builds the culture of transparency in the design or construction industry.

Check out how Pascon Group tagged the subcontractors and architectural firm they are working with in their feed and Stories post.

There you have it - 6 actionable social media content ideas for your business! Are you ready to get started?

If you are interested in how we've helped a Pascon Group, a Melbourne based construction company, get their very first client from Instagram worth $2.5 Million dollars, read the FREE case study here.

If you want to get more help with social media content creation or strategy planning, do reach out to us here.

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