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Content Creation 

A content creation agency in Melbourne that creates curated, tailored, on-brand content for all of your promotional needs. 

Content is king. Bet that you heard that many times before, but we are going to tell you why. 

Compelling content attracts and captures audience attention. It allows you to be heard amid the sea of businesses screaming for attention. 

When good content creation is properly executed, you won't have to go look for your customers, because they will be the ones that will come searching for you. 

However, the digital space is a populated place where you need to be truly distinctive to be heard. You need to stand out, be different, and be able to ensure your digital content creation will strengthen your positioning in these platforms. Our content creation agency will help you achieve exactly that. 


Pencil Rocket is a content creation agency in Melbourne with numerous experience in helping brands achieve on-brand social media through bespoke content creation. Be it through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn, we are able to create compelling videos, graphics, GIFs, or copywriting that your audience can relate to. 

We know how to construct a content creation strategy that attracts your audience and how to execute it. 


Get started with Pencil Rocket to get ahead of your content creation needs today.  

Why choose Pencil Rocket to handle your content creation

Why you should trust Pencil Rocket with your content creation strategy

1. Highly experienced and skilled team of content creators. 


Our team of content creators are highly skilled visionaries and executors. We can bring any of your idea you have in mind to life, or better yet, visualise ideas that aren't even in your head yet.


We pride ourselves as being experts in content creation which stems from having an understanding of the audience of whom the content is created for.


We promise to deliver high-quality, bespoke content every time - be it just a 30-second social ad, a 3-minute long company video, a 5-minute long event documentary, or even just a graphic post for social media, you can be sure that we've incorporated much thought and high expertise in executing it. 

2. We conduct thorough Market Research of your industry upon signing with us

We believe that every business is different and therefore should use different approaches.


This is why our content creation agency makes it a priority for our expert creative team to conduct market research of your industry upon signing with us using online tools, observation, and competitors analysis. 

Afterward, we will get started on the process of crafting bespoke and personalised content creation to boost your brand's identity. 

3. An All-Rounder Social Media Marketing Agency 


We don't just create and edit content for you. When you sign with our Melbourne based content creation agency, rest assured that we can execute everything for you, leaving time for you fully focus on the growth and operations of your business.


We are able to write engaging social media copy, monitor your social media accounts, build social media ads, and create reports for you based on the analytics. 

Building a strong brand identity takes more than just one-off great content creation, although it sure does help!


To achieve greater results for your business you need to think of a more long-term strategy beyond merely using content creation to build and harness relationships with your customers.  




4. Australian based content creation agency with an in-house team 

What does this mean for you? It means that we do not outsource our talents which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our work. 


Our editor, videographer, and creative director handles all of our creative production projects personally to ensure that the highest quality and customer satisfaction is delivered. 

Unlike many video production companies that outsource talents to cut internal costs, we believe that quality is the utmost important in projects revolving around content creation and would never compromise this. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need high-quality content creation services for my business? Isn't raw unedited post the best way to show authenticity? 

This is a misconception that a lot of businesses have. While we do believe that raw and unedited posts may be beneficial to post on Instagram stories, we would definitely not recommend it for creating company videos, social ads, or even as a regular posting on your social media!


There goes a lot of planning in content creation and there is definitely a science to it. For example, social ads have to capture audience attention within 3 seconds or you lose their attention and business.


Having on-brand content creation is the best way you can strengthen your brand identity and build brand recognition. 

2. How will the content creation strategy impact my business? 

Firstly, you will have a brand identity, something that makes you different from other brands, your own signature style. Slowly, you will get recognition from your audience who will eventually develop a connection with you and may become your potential customer.


All of this, can and will happen from having a great content strategy paired with an equally good social media strategy.  

As a content creation agency, we have seen this play out in real life. One of our clients obtained two million dollar customers from implementing this to his business.  

3. How much does a content creation agency charge? 

Every content creation agency has its own pricing plans depending on the value that it can offer its clients. Lucky for you, ours accommodate all types of budget! Surely it would depend on what kind of content you are looking for to make - whether it is the creation of social ad videos, documentary type videos, LinkedIn videos, or just a batch of graphics for your socials. 

To discover our pricing plans, reach out to us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

4. What if I am not satisfied with the content you created?

Surely we would try to bring your visions to life the best that we can.


Our content creation team ensures that a thorough brief is delivered before the start of the project and will work towards the goals and details provided in the brief, that will need to be confirmed by you. 

We do accommodate revisions that you may have along the content creation process. 

5. How does Pencil Rocket create content that my audience can relate to in social media? 

On top of doing market research on your industry upon signing with us, our content creation agency uses tools and software to spot trends and content your audience engages with and our expert team will brainstorm and create on-brand related content ideas that attract your audience and will generate engagements.  

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