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Video Production

A video production company in Melbourne & Adelaide that helps businesses bring their story to life. 

Every business is different, and each one has a unique story that they want to tell. Our video production company helps bring your story to life. 


Before Pencil Rocket became a video production company, helping many companies visualize their message to a broad audience, we were just a couple of friends that are passionate about telling stories through a lens.


Fast forward a couple of years, we have evolved into a video production company with numerous clients from various industries, with portfolios ranging from social media video creation, testimonial videos, high- end company profile videos, event- type documentary videos, to creative on-brand videos that help strengthen brand personalities.


Whatever video you are planning on creating, our video production team can and has probably done it. 


Producing high quality and impactful content is the value that our video production company lives by.  

Get started with Pencil Rocket to get ahead of your video production needs today.  

Why choose Pencil Rocket to produce your videos

Why you should trust Pencil Rocket as your video production company of choice.

1. Experienced in creating various types of videos. 


Whatever video you have in mind, we will turn it into reality.


Our video production team are a bunch of skilled visionaries.


No matter what project you have in mind, be it a company profile video, social ads video, or testimonial videos, be rest assured that we will craft a compelling story you will be proud to show your audience. 

3. An all-rounder video production company and social media agency 


We don't just create videos for you.


Aside from being a video production company, we also provide social media marketing and paid advertising services to our clients.


Unlike many other video production companies, we believe that company branding is an on-going thing, and while having quality video production is extremely helpful in doing that, you need to think of a more long-term strategy to achieve greater results. 




2. Result-focused creativity 

We are focused in creating videos that your audience will relate to.


A video could have the best quality and production team, but if they miss hitting the mark of driving the audience to take action then it is not a great video for your business. 

Our video production video firmly believes in this, which is why we have a thorough internal brainstorm session and conduct continuous communication with our clients in order to achieve the video production goals of your business. 

4. Australian Based video production company with in-house team. 

What does this mean for you? It means that we do not outsource our talents which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our work.


Our editor, videographer, and creative director handles all of our video production projects personally to ensure that the highest quality and customer satisfaction is delivered. 

Unlike many video production companies that outsource talents to cut internal costs, we believe that quality is the utmost important in video production projects and would never compromise this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the video production process involve? 

Our video production company go through these 3 processes to ensure our client satisfaction. 

1. Pre-production - understanding the business, project, and objective of the video. Brainstorming, creative consultation with clients, and establishing the final creative brief before setting the shoot date. 

2. Production - where the shoot takes place! We will utilize all of our equipment and make use of the time to get all the raw footage that we need. This includes any interviews, drone shooting, and location shots. 

3. Post-production - where the vision starts coming to life! Filtering through the footage, adding music, getting clients feedback, and where revision rounds will be made before the final video is ready! 

2. What is a video going to cost me? 

Since our video production company does a lot of different types of videos, it is difficult to pinpoint a price range!


However, we can assure you that our videos are budget-friendly and we will always try to accommodate your budget. 


To discover our pricing plans, reach out to us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

3. Do I have to come up with an idea for the video or will you do it?  

We can work with both! Whether you have an idea that needs to be developed further or if you have no idea what you want our video production company is happy to take on both!


Creating a creative direction that brings your idea to life is our specialty. 

4.  How much input would you require from us?

Surely, we would want to produce videos that you are incredibly happy with, and that matches your vision.


We would need your input mainly in the pre-production stage, where we are more than happy to come over to your location or have a phone call discussing all of the project requirements.


Afterward, it is completely your choice on how hands-on you want to be in the project. Our video production company will be sure to inform you every step of the process and will always take into account your comments before delivering the final product. 

5. Can you add subtitles to the video? 

Absolutely! We would highly recommend this for almost any type of video, especially social ads! 

Did you know that when scrolling through videos on social media, the videos you post are automatically muted?


When you provide subtitles in the video, it helps your audience to capture the essence and messaging of the video even without any audio.


If a video production company insists on not including subtitles, or is charging you extra for it you know where to go! 

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