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10 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

LinkedIn is one of the most useful business marketing resources we have today. Starting from the start-ups to the multinational companies, all focus on online marketing for business, and LinkedIn makes a great option.

If you too are trying new methods to boost your online presence, this platform makes a wise consideration. Here are the 10 ways you can beat the competitors by using LinkedIn for marketing.

So, without any further delay, let us proceed to these valuable tips.

#1 Complete User Profile

The first way to appear on LinkedIn is by creating your profile and it needs to speak everything your business has to offer. In the Google search result page, a LinkedIn account usually ranks in the top five results when searched with your first and last name.

#2 Build Connection

The second step is to build a connection and grow your network fast. If you connect only with the people you know, the chances of great marketing are less. Therefore, grow the network as big as you want as that will help you spread the word.

#3 Add Company Page

This is an important feature on LinkedIn and not many users are aware of its advantages. Create a call to action for your business and inspire people to click on it. This point sums up the process of using LinkedIn for marketing.

#4 Recommend Others

As you help others with your valuable opinions, they are one step ahead in trusting you. It is true that the more we offer, the more we receive in return. Trying this method on this platform will get you more new connections as well.

#5 Add Company Profile

Now, LinkedIn allows its users to add a video, share more information related to their business, products, and services. Hence, you need to give more insights about your company by adding the same.

#6 Be Captivating

Your profile is the key to achieve your marketing goals. Therefore, try to be more captivating with it. There are boring profiles that we all hate and you need to sound catchy. It could be an interesting story in your summary or a video recommendation- anything that is not boring.

#7 Create Trending Posts

Writing relatable stories with LinkedIn-initiated hashtag lets the users create trending posts.

If you try this method more tactfully by relating the hashtags with your business, you can boost your marketing.

#8 Join Groups

There are targeted groups on LinkedIn related to your business and once you create your profile, search for such groups, and join immediately.

#9 Comment and Engage with Other Users

Though joining groups is essential, it is not enough to suffice your marketing goals. You need to start commenting and engaging with other users to mark your presence.

#10 Use LinkedIn Polls

You can easily assemble your colleagues and target audience by creating polls on LinkedIn.

That’s not all; you can analyze the real-time results to get a behind-the-scenes look, which is the ultimate marketing trick.

Above are the 10 ways that can help you to make your business more visible as well as promising using LinkedIn.

There are other awesome techniques like this and to know the same, feel free to get in touch with us today.

We, Pencil Rocket, are a Melbourne based content creation house dedicated to business marketing. Social media marketing and video production are the services that we excel in.

Our social media marketing techniques are innovative, up to date, and research-based.

So, why wait anymore? Contact us today and reach your future business goals using LinkedIn for marketing instantly!

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