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10 Best Practises for LinkedIn Video Marketing

Dedicated to the user’s professional growth, LinkedIn is a popular platform with an average income per user of about $109,000. It is one of the powerful tools for business marketing too.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, this platform comes with a formal approach, and therefore, the users take this one seriously. Secondly, this platform has proved to be the powerhouse for B2B businesses and it widens the opportunities for B2C brands to make business connections globally.

These make LinkedIn an appropriate space where you can expect huge marketing opportunities.

As one of the most interesting online marketing methods, Video marketing is something everyone is laying hands on.

Starting from the small scale startups to big enterprises, everyone is producing video content for their business marketing. Here, we will try to explore the 10 best practices for LinkedIn video marketing so that you can be prepared before producing one.

#1 Be Unique

The first checkpoint for any content you develop is that it has to be original and unique and it is the same in the case of LinkedIn videos. Not only the idea but also the approach or the technique has to be original.

#2 Be Authentic

The second point is that you should sound captivating in such videos and the only way is to be authentic. Today, there are thousands of video ads on LinkedIn and the viewers will only connect with you if you sound authentic.

#3 Be Simple

Gone are those days when the viewers used to brainstorm over the tricky video ads. Today is the age of simple video advertisements that are easy to understand.

#4 Be Creative

You need to understand the target viewers before planning for the video ads and while planning, try to implement creative ideas as much as possible.

#5 Share Industrious News

It is important to keep the viewers updated and therefore, you can include the industrious news or anything that is trending in your videos.

#6 Share Product Demos

If you are trying to introduce your products to the viewers, what can be a better way than giving a product demonstration?

#7 Try Storytelling Method

Among all the captivating video ads, the ones with a storytelling approach become more popular on social media.

#8 Try Animations

People of all ages love animations and you can try this technique in your next LinkedIn video. Creating unique animation characters and letting them converse about your services and products is one of the best practices for LinkedIn video marketing.

#9 Crisp Content

Today, almost nobody wants to see a large video ad with jumbled up information. Short and crisp videos are seen by more people and you need to plan it accordingly.

#10 Video in Ads

Many brands, especially the B2B marketers run their ads on LinkedIn.

You can opt for video ads to increase their effectiveness.

Above are the 10 best practices for LinkedIn video marketing that you need to try in the upcoming days.

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