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How to use instagram to build your brand

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Hello lovely people of the interweb, Dan here from Pencil Rocket. It has come to our attention that there are those out there that are in need of some help with social media. Thankfully, it is not that hard. What you are basically trying to do is provide something of value to attain people’s attention. And in business, there’s very few things that you can achieve without getting the attention of your customers, partners and other stakeholders. Luckily for us, the most effective and accessible way is to use social media marketing. It is amazingly easy and super effective when done right.

Before we get into the more specific details of well… everything, let’s start with the foundation of what you will need to help you build a loyal and targeted following.

This is the framework that we use for all our clients:

Better Content + Consistency + Engagement = Loyal and targeted following

Here’s how you do it:

Better Content:

You need to start producing content that your ideal follower would actually want to consume. What you are asking for is a lot here. If you selfishly want to take their attention away from the numerous things that they could be doing instead and then produce uninteresting content, you are not going to like the outcome.


In order to gain brand recognition, you can’t have split personalities. Use a consistent theme in your feed to create an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Most importantly, you need to post regularly. You can’t be posting 4 times a week for a month and then disappear for 2 weeks and expect to have the same rate of followers increase. Most people check out the latest post you have and if it was dated 2 weeks ago then they are not likely to follow you.


Now what do we do next is going to make all the difference between you getting 5 followers a week vs 100 a week. Let’s break it down. Before you can get a follower, you need them to actually be on your instagram page. To get them on your instagram page, you need them to see you and click on you. By far the best way to do that is to start being a contributor in the community.

For example,

If you’re looking for customers in a specific region, get on the search page in the app, click on the search bar and click on places. Then type in the city and click on it to see all the posts with the city inserted as the location. Boom, leads you can directly message.

If you’re looking for customers who love to gym, get on the search page in the app and click on the search bar and select tags. Type in fitness and a list of hashtags related to fitness will appear.

Click on one of them(maybe one with a lot of posts) and start commenting of people’s post. Give value by giving advice, give them your attention by saying that they post is nice. Do something to get yourself noticed. Because they don’t normally have many comments, they will be curious as to who you are and will click on to your profile.

Whether they follow you will depend on the content and consistency. Voila, now you know how to leverage social media to build your brand and attract customers that are targeted and loyal.

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