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5 Ridiculously Powerful Tips for Facebook Ads

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

You've probably heard about Facebook Ads and how powerful it can be.

Maybe you've given it a go, maybe you haven't. Maybe you're unsure how to make the most out of Facebook Ads? Or confused why some campaigns are getting good results but some just don't seem profitable?

We know Facebook Ads can be complicated at the start. This is why we're sharing our 5 favourite Facebook Ad Tips that will work well for most campaigns here.

Let's dive right in!

1. Retargeting is Your Best Friend

Retargeting campaigns on average has the highest conversion rates with the lowest cost.

Think about it - whether you're targeting audience who have interacted with your Instagram page, watched a video by your business or showing ads to audience who have visited a certain page on your website, these audience already have some sort of connection to your business!

Doesn't it make sense that they are more likely to click through your ad or even convert as a customer?

Facebook retargeting abilities allow your to target based on the few categories below.

  • People who are on a list that you’ve uploaded.

Be it a list of past customers or email subscribers, this option is ideal when you are looking to create timely, targeted offers that will be relevant to these specific groups.

Imagine an exclusive sale for your email subscribers only, or a new product upgrade that will appeal to certain audience with who purchased an older version of your product.

Facebook ads custom audience

  • People who have recently interacted with your business in some way.

This could be anything, from watching a certain percentage of a video on your platform, engaging with your Instagram channel or just taking an action on your site.

2. Get Familiar with Facebook Audiences

You want to target dads who work out in a 15-mile radius from a family gym? Facebook lets you do that. You want to get women in executive positions between the ages of 35-45 to click through to your site? Facebook lets you do that too.

If you're a newer business with marginal website traffic, you probably have limited remarketing options. No worries, you just have to start reaching out to your 'prospecting' audiences, which can be created based on:

  • Behaviours—reach users based on purchase behaviours, intent, device usage, and more.

  • Interests—reach users by looking at their interests, activities, the pages they liked, and closely-related topics.

  • Demographics—reach users by location, age, gender, language, relationship status, and more.

So if you're a wedding photographer in Melbourne, target people who are either 'engaged' or 'newly-engaged' in the last 6 months, then narrow it further based on their interest in 'wedding dresses'; 'wedding photoshoots' as well as their location in Melbourne - and you'll be surprised at the results you can achieve!

3. Leverage Video Ads

If you're thinking what's so great about Facebook video ads? Well, for one, views of branded Facebook video content increased 258% as of 2018, also shoppers that view videos are 1.8x more likely to make a purchase as compared to non-viewers.

Check out this really creative video ad from - a true scroll-stopper that plays with frame break and animations well.

Another video ad we've created for our client, Outcome Life, is a testimonial ad for social media. With closed captions, fast video pace and 9:16 ratio, this ad is optimised for Instagram Story.

A few quick tips on creating great Facebook video ad

  • The first 3 seconds matter the most: 95% of audience drop off 3 seconds in an video ad, so make the start count

  • Edit video for sound off: Add captions so that users don't need audio to consume your message

  • Focus on the mobile experience: With most people viewing ads on a phone screen, always use vertical specs (4:5 or 9:16 ratio) and preview your ad on a mobile device before publishing

4. Test, test & test - A/B Testing Matters

Always A/B test your copy and creative assets for best results.

It's easy to think you know what your audience likes best, but you'll be surprised at how you can be wrong when you test it.

Be it your headline, copy, or creative, have at least two options and track their performance carefully. Then put most of your spend on the top performer to get the most bang for your buck.

Let's look at these ads below - if you're about to run them, how would you know which ad will give you a better result?

The truth is, you would never know which ad performs better until you test them.

When AdEspresso ran those ads, they thought that the first ad would outperform the other, but they were wrong as well.

Moral of the story?

Don't assume, test everything.

5. Build a Proper Funnel on Facebook

You've probably heard of sales funnel.

But did you know, Facebook ads work extremely well for this purpose as well? Since we can target audience at all stages of the sales funnel, we are able to attract cold leads, nurture and educate them into warm leads then convert hot leads.

We've broke down the three main stages - Awareness, Consideration, Action, and list out the content suitable for Facebook Ads in the different stages.

(A) Awareness - Attracting cold leads

The first goal here is to get people to know about your business. Audience can't move through the funnel until they're in it, after all.

Rather than highlighting the latest company info to people who don't even know your business exist, focus on the audience you want to attract - their interests, their problems and their quirks. Our favourite ways are blog post, 'how-to' or brand awareness videos.

(B) Consideration - Nurturing warm leads

In this stage, we want nurture the leads that dropped - offering something of value in exchange of certain contact information.

Best examples would be content-driven lead magnets with minimal friction, be it an e-book with helpful tips or a relevant white paper. Check out some of the great lead magnets below!

(C) Action - Converting your audience

Now it's time to convert.

Audience who are lingering at the front edge stage are ready to purchase, they just need an extra push.

You just need to communicate a very specific value proposition that will resonate deeply with them and prompt them to convert. Good examples here will be showcasing successful testimonials, highlighting benefits or even offering flash sales to give your warm leads a further nudge.

For instance, look at how Hootsuite sells the convenience of an integrated platform in this ad below.

That's all for this time!

Facebook Ads can be overwhelming at the start, but hopefully these tips make it easier to get started or even to optimise your current campaigns.

Have been stuck doing random campaigns but curious what a full-fledged funnel strategy looks like for your business?

Still looking to get a little more help from people who do this all day everyday?

Shoot us a message here and learn how we can take your campaigns to the next level.

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