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5 Essential Instagram Stories Ads Tips to Grow your Business

Updated: May 29, 2020

Have you been using Instagram stories ads to boost your revenue and brand awareness? If not, you're definitely missing out.

What are Instagram stories ads?

Instagram stories ads are a 15 seconds video or a 5 seconds picture created by businesses to pop up in between an array of stories viewed by Instagram users. With statistics of one in five stories gets a direct message from viewers, Instagram stories ads undoubtedly has high engagement rates.

Countless businesses have reaped the benefits of this form of advertising, such as OGX beauty with 8% increase in sales and Ralph Lauren with 18% increase in online sales, as well as a 41% increase in product view page among its newly targeted audience, millennial and Gen Z with Instagram stories ads that contain a few if not all the tips listed below:


Although a completely unrelated concept to the one where you drop your food, this 3 second rule is just as important to remember when creating an Instagram stories ads.

Same as regular Instagram stories, your ads are easily skippable with just a simple touch. In order to avoid your viewers from doing this, you have to captivate their attention within the first 3 crucial seconds. Include the all your priority content (text and images) within this timeframe as well, by using strong visual and a short message.

A good example of this is the ad by TIJN eyewear attached above, a 15 second ad of looping images that captivates your attention the moment it plays. Hard to peel your eyes off it, don't you reckon?


Due to the short length of time available, keep your ideas simple enough in order to create a short and sweet message that would reach the audience at a simple glance.

For example, the OGX campaign focuses 'rock what you got' as their message, which is simple, yet deliver their message well. Keep the history and other story telling method for your Instagram business account or other types of video advertisement.


No one likes feeling left out or missing out on an opportunity. This might be one of the best tip into turning your viewer into your customer, especially when you are selling something that can be purchased on a whim, such as clothing, beauty related products or other low to moderate price items. It is also a good trick to spread brand awareness by getting customers to visit your website and see what you're all about. Examples of this would be include:

  1. Sale ends today! Shop now!

  2. Free for the first 100 buyers!

  3. This is how you can do/ achieve ...

Make them feel like they are literally at a loss for not swiping up.


While Instagram has a feature that shows a little symbol at the bottom of the stories to swipe up, adding the actual swipe up words as one of the captions in your stories will give viewers a little further nudge they sometimes need into making that action. Its simple, yet super effective.


This might sound silly and a very basic advice, however there are a lot of businesses that neglect to show their brand name or logo in their Instagram stories ads, due to the fact that Instagram shows the Instagram handle (username) on the top left corner of the ad. Remembering to do this will help embed your brand in viewers mind, thus spreading brand awareness.

There you have it! 5 essential Instagram stories ads tips you need to help your business flourish! Do remember that there is no one solution fits all algorithm in creating a successful Instagram stories ads that will convert. Every business is unique and provide different value to its customers.

Excited to get started and grow your business? Write to us for a free social media audit and take your business to a whole new level!

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