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3 Reasons Why Your Business Need to Start Paid Advertising on Facebook

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

If Facebook paid ads has not been listed as one of your business main marketing strategies for the upcoming quarter, you'll be thankful for this article that might save you thousands of dollars while achieving significant results.

1. Set your Own Budget!

Everyone knows that traditional advertising methods are known to break the bank, in fact, the minimum cost of advertising through billboards in Australia is at least $3000 per month (and thats only for the smallest billboard size!).

With paid ads, you can start from as little as $1 per day!

You are able to set your own budget and start from a number that you are comfortable with. Using merely 1/10 of that billboard budget on paid ads can potentially give you substantial and measurable results, which brings us to our next point!

2. Measurable Results and Specific Targeting

With traditional advertising, there is never an exact rates of returns and businesses spend a lot of money on this marketing method just to be kept constantly guessing. However, when your business uses Facebook ads, everything is measurable, every click on your website, every video view, and basically just about every activity you want to measure, can be measured.

Even better, Facebook ads allows specific audience targeting, which means that all of your budget will only be spent on advertising for your own selected and targeted audience that is customisable based on not only demographics, but their interests as well! This allows for more accurate results and efficient spending.

3. Organic is Simply No Longer Enough

Moving on to our last point, you might still be unsure of why your business needs to pay for ads when you may already have a quite solid online presence.

Sure, your business may have a social media account with a couple hundred, or maybe even a couple of thousand followers. You put effort and thought into your posts, only for it to be seen by the small percentage of followers your business have recently interacted with.

However, both Facebook and Instagram have changed their algorithm, which makes it impossible for you to show up in all of your followers feeds, let alone people who aren't following you at all.

On the other hand, using paid ads on Facebook lets your business reach a broader audience of up to a total of 2.38 billion users by ensuring a spot on your selected target audience's feed/ stories. The format is mobile friendly as well, allowing you to reach your desired audience at any time of the day.

Don't get us wrong, having excellent organic content is still crucial for your business, especially to maintain existing consumers' relationships, build communities, and delivering desired messages. Paid ads content is often built around these well created organic content as well. Its definitely not an either-or option, but if you want to further grow your business paid ads is undoubtedly essential.

Interested in growing your business using paid ads but have no idea how?

Or even still doubting the power of paid ads and want to learn more about it?

Click here to schedule a FREE 15 min Zoom consultation and learn all the ways we can utilize Facebook ads to help you expand your business!

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