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the client.

Laksabar is a Malaysian restaurant in the heart of Melbourne CBD, well-known for their exceptional Laksa and other Asian dishes.

our approach.

Showcase the dishes.

Featuring the menu, the fresh ingredients used and the behind-the-scenes shots.

Create promotional videos.

Generate buzz and connection through video appeal.

Share user generated content.

Offer originial perspectives while building rapport with Laksa Bar’s followers.

Engaged with Foodie Influencers.

Coordinated visits for more than 15 influencers to increase awareness.

the outcome.

Within the 3 months of working with us, Laksabar saw exceptional growth. Laksabar Instagram account (@laksabar) grew from 200 followers to over 1,200 highly targeted followers, with a high average engagement rate of 18%.


In these 3 months, Laksabar’s Zomato ranking also increased from 3.2 to 4, boosting their overall online presence among the community.

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