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the client.

iDibs is the #1 solution platform for international students in Australia, providing a range of services such as Migration, Job Readiness, Cleaning, and Moving services. They specialise in connecting international students in Melbourne with quality and trustworthy providers.

the outcome.

  • A 25% followers increase on Instagram within less than 4 months

  • Armed with engaging brand awareness videos, client testimonial videos, and a carefully crafted company video, iDibs saw an increase in followers’ rate per month as well as the influx of enquires in their social media messages 

  • A successful short (1 day) influencer campaign resulting in 184 profile visits and 40 new followers

the outcome.

followers increase

Only $3

per conversion.

200 Conversions 
(forms submitted)

our approach.

  • Thorough and personalized planning of content calendar taking into account important international dates and University semester schedules  

  • Using a heat map to ensure the best posting times

  • Carefully crafted copy to engage the audience 

  • Doing monthly insight analysis to ensure future postings remain relevant and of top quality such as updated student memes and addressing international students related news and efforts 

  • Using our network to collaborate with large influencers with followings of 1.4 million and 186k respectively. 

iDibs company profile video

to visually portray the value and vision of iDibs to customers and partners

Scroll Stopper Brand Awareness Video

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