I hate social media!

Hi everyone, Dan here from Pencil Rocket. I think I need to clarify some things. I don’t like social media. In fact, before we started Pencil Rocket, I was always complaining about social media and how it has overtaken our lives which was why, as a silent protest, I didn’t really post anything. I still consumed other people’s content but I never really contributed to the ecosystem.

And then it hit me. Like a train travelling at full speed with Gary Vee at the helm. It doesn’t matter what I thought. Not one bit. All throughout history, people complained about the next ‘new’ thing. In our case it is the next ‘new’ legitimate advertising platform. People hate change but the fact remains that social media, regardless of perception, is just as legitimate as every other tv ad and billboard out there. In the end, it is ATTENTION that determines the platform. Depending on the time period, people’s attention shifts. What’s important is that we can identify where underpriced attention is at. Whether we like it or not, that’s social media with the cost of entry being content.

And do you need money to push out content? Not at all. There are a ton of free tools online that can help make your posts beautiful and unique. Not creative? You don’t have to be! Start documenting your day and sharing your knowledge. No one is going to steal your trade secrets because there are none! And people are generally too lazy to do anything about it anyway. Don’t worry about making a mistake, be cons